2013: hair color trends

This year is bound to be exciting and trend driven as we see some of our favorite hair color trends adapted into a fresher more modern look.

Ombre gets reverted to an internal ombre with dirty blonde shades being painted in the middle of awesome light blondes to brunette shades. The new ombre seems to be removing  the undone look of the old ombre and bringing a more youthful and groomed appearance to the old hair color trend.

Expect to see more red heads make a coppery inclusion as multi-tonal breathtaking red heads emerge. The new translucent red hair color shades makes the color more vibrant but wearable for even the most conservative girl.

One of my most favorite color trends this year will be shiny velvety black hair with amazing texture, black will be the new blonde in 2o13 because it looks fashion forward on every long hair client.

Expect to see blonde girls adding blonde on blonde highlights but in the back of the head, sort of like the 60’s fall wigs.  Darker blonde hair colors are highlighted behind the ear to give a sixties effect to blonde hair, leaving the front darker in blonde tone.

I am excited and have my palette ready to go, so if you’re in the Beverly Hills area come for a makeover at the Bellezza Salon in the fabulous  Beverly Hilton Hotel.

new ombre




Blond hair: a hellish experience in my chair

Beauty blonde girl.

Beauty blonde girl. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

_ Today I would learn humility in hair coloring as well as allowing a newly acquired customer to be blond as she sees fit, and that was an ethical struggle for me. Let me paint the picture, in walks this women with very dark new growth (level 4 for hairdressers) and about 1 inch of copper orange hair extending from that and the rest of length down to her shoulders was very light blond.  The hair didn’t scare me as much as what came next.

The beautiful woman began to explain to me how she wanted me to color her hair, “I want you to touch up my roots but keep the yellow-orange ban and I want you to use bleach and add a bit of color to the bleach because that’s what they usually use on my hair and it works”, me mouth open because she was so specific and I knew she was not making this up.

Now for anyone that knows me from experience, I cannot hide my facial expressions from and they tend to be reflective of what I am feeling, but I was in total shock and had to pause in the moment. After about a good 5 minutes of sharing her color formula and dropping some serious industry names of which I will not mention because I know that somewhere down the line in her encounters the color gods message was lost in translation.

How was I going to explain what I know for what I believe for what the customer wants and what the customer has previously experienced in hair color servicing? In my mind I was thinking this had to be some sort of moment when someone jumps out and says “surprise”!

So I told her just what my face was feeling, “I cannot do that”.  I can touch up your hair but I cannot add color to lightener”.  At this point I had to explain why, because she clearly was baffled as to why I couldn’t do it “the same” way as her previous colorist. Of course I used the speech “we are all artist and we paint pictures as hairdressers in different ways”, when I really wanted to say “what the hell”…lol. So then I began to give her a scenario to further explain why I couldn’t add “a little color to the bleach”.  I told her “if you have a piece of fabric that was dark and you wanted to lighten it up you would try  a decolorizer or bleach, something that was going to extract color, right?” then I proceeded to say “would you then add dye to the bleach that you were using to extract the color from the fabric?”.

Well I don’t know if this was the straw that broke the camel’s back but she then walked out of the salon to horn blowing in the parking lot and I literally thought she had left and I was okay with that because I wanted no parts in interrupting the earlier haircolorist scientific theory on color. Maybe it was something new I hadn’t heard of but I couldn’t wrap my hands around it. A few minute goes by and in she walks with computer and phone and ready to try my way, but she adamantly expressed her wish to keep the yellow-orange band and only bring the new-growth up to that level of lightness….lol.  I love this women already, she was keeping me on my toes and grounded in #dharma. I had to compromise because I knew she compromised her training in hair color and her experiences for my humble color experience, but she then requested that I touch up her roots on one condition “keep the yellow-orange ban” from the previous touch up, she didn’t want it to look too perfect.

I smiled and compromised, and as much as I wanted correct, enhance, equalize or do it my way she gave me the biggest lesson in compromise. But I had to share this from my chair because this is as real as it gets. I would never down any hairdresser or colorist but I do think that we all speak the same language when it comes to the laws of color. If there is a method to the adding color to the lightener please share with me because I really want to know. Anyway she allowed me to color her hair the only way I knew how and she was happy and so was I!  She taught me the greatest lesson of compromise and in allowing things to just BE!

Blonde hair: what is the right shade for me?

Girl with blonde hair

Girl with blonde hair (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Head to the state of California and along with it’s sunny weather will be a flux of blonde’s heads in every array. All seeking to mimic the reflective rays of sun with bleached blonde hair color.

Tragically tho you will also spot many blondes gone awry. I see it all the time and I know you do, the mortuary pale, crayola yellow blondes and bleached fried hair in the mall, grocery store or local coffee shops.

The choice of blonde hair color is a decision that every person can make, but choosing the correct tone of blonde hair color can be very tricky even for most colorist.

Surprisingly there are limitless amounts of blonde shades that can be worn on every skin type!

So how does one choose the correct blonde shade?

1st things 1st, if the the hair is not healthy don’t even consider it, no matter what the shade of hair! Overly processed, distressed or weak hair has never been sexy in any shade of hair color., sexy is shiny healthy hair! (and I love exclamation marks when it comes to this)

2nd thing, when choosing stripes of blondes hair color remember to ensure the direction and color of the stripes are accentuating your hair cut. Stripes have their function in the fashion world, usually in clothing trends horizontal stripes accentuates boyish figures as they ad curves and thickness, and vertical stripes tend to make you look thinner as they make the shape look longer. Apply the same thought process when choosing stripes.

Try to keep stripes off the hairline as the new growth will be noticeable after a week or so. There are a wide range of highlighting techniques and hair coloring methods on the market where you can achieve dimensional blonde hair color seamlessly.

Blondes today should look as if they were just born that way.

3rd and finally, choose the correct tone for your skin. Cool to Warm, Pale to Gold, blonde hair color shades come in an array of tones. . How do you choose the correct tone? It can be as simple as looking at your eye color and skin tone to decide what tone of blond might be flattering.

Use a similar concept as in choosing your makeup. When choosing makeup you want to slightly contrast the color of your eyes, so as to make your eyes and face the focal point, do the same with your blonde hair color.

Brown and black eyes should should look for more natural shades of blonde with a range of light brown to caramel low lights to lay close against the skin. Blue eyes can definitely look to a range of sandy blondes to strawberry blondes to accentuate the coolness. Green eyes, try some buttery blonde shades to compliment your look.

There are limitless palette to blonde hair color, so break out the box and explore. If you are already blonde and want to really make a statement that is fashion forward, don’t always look to do it with brown, explore some of the cool shades of pastel blondes and steel blondes that are hot in fashion today.

So when trying to mimic that California sun with the brightness of blonde hair color, remember no 2 blondes should ever look alike, its a personal thing, so leave it to the experts to give you that beautiful, healthy, and natural blonde hair color you deserve!

Fall hair color trends: brunette

You can tell alot about a girl by her hair color?

When she’s feeling playful, sexy, confident or if she has a balance between work and play.

Like the gorgeous Kristen Steward of Twilight, the choice of brunette as a haircolor could very well be a clear statement of her W O M A N-hood as a movement. A woman in that definative moment of internal confidence, sex appeal, and control will suddenly be coiffed in chocolate brown hair, laced with subtle hints of copper or gold leaf.

Out of a mere feeling the choice of brunette (brown) haircolor creates a sense of security, balance, an earthy feeling in a woman’s life.

So why does brown hair color create such strong emotion between sexy, expressive, confidence and balance? A report of study by the University of Liege in Belgium, scientist state: “color composition, on emotion brain processing using functional magnetic resonance imaging. The results of their study, published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, show that the colour of light influences the way the brain processes emotional stimuli”

So what does the hair color of a brunette say? Well without a word it instantly gives feelings of stability, structure, wholesomeness, comfort, and when you add a little warmth, often noted by haircolorist in terms of caramel, honey etc., it can become all of the above with a big hint of sexy. Gravitate towards the “natural” or cool shades of brown, uh oh, watch out because you may become as distant as the moon. Too much structure in a girl can make her unapproachable.

So when you choose Brunette haircolor there is a reason or let’s say now you have a reason. when thinking about Chocolate or Brunette color for your next appointment try discussing with your colorist your lifestyle and the message you want to wear! and remember even when you are not speaking, your hair says it all.


Hit or Miss: celeb new hair

Miiley Cyrus, Rihanna, and Katy Perry are some of the celebs who made a big hair change this fall, for the better or the worst?

Gotta love Katy Perry’s hair on the cover of September’s issue of Elle. If purple and violet are synonmous with magic and mystery then it’s a hit with Katy new look. Stunning shape to her hair and the color brings out her skin while the bangs definately attract you to her gorgeous eyes. We love this look, but Katy always keeps it hairtabulous in the hair color department. The amazing thing is she pulls off these awesomely vibrant colors with class and never tacky.

How did I miss Harper’s Bazaar in August with Rihanna gracing the cover. Rihanna looks stunning in Navy Blue mid-length hair. If these colors are a sign of spiritual journey, this is definately the color for her. They say you can tell alot about a girls look and this definately says ‘a change is ah comin’. She still keeps her hair fresh with one side being simply shaved. This color is definately more complimenting than the red, the red just didn’t look healthy at times. Hair color without maximum shine and optimal health is never a good look for anyone!

and last but not least, by far, Miley Cyrus chopped off all her hair for and took on a new look with blonde short hair. Definately refreshing and new as she evolves into a new chapter in life. The blonde hair color is ok, but it definately merges into her skin, which may require a lit more product to make it stand out. Although the cut is hott to def I opt for a different shade of color to compliment her skin, maybe pink or plum in pastel would be awesome. Gotta love her for giving us the short but fierce hair persona.

Love, love, love these girls for inspiring us with their hair and showing us how to take hair-color and shape to a whole new level this Fall. Fashion starts with great hair and if your hair, besides it’s the only outfit you can’t take off.