2013: hair color trends

This year is bound to be exciting and trend driven as we see some of our favorite hair color trends adapted into a fresher more modern look.

Ombre gets reverted to an internal ombre with dirty blonde shades being painted in the middle of awesome light blondes to brunette shades. The new ombre seems to be removing  the undone look of the old ombre and bringing a more youthful and groomed appearance to the old hair color trend.

Expect to see more red heads make a coppery inclusion as multi-tonal breathtaking red heads emerge. The new translucent red hair color shades makes the color more vibrant but wearable for even the most conservative girl.

One of my most favorite color trends this year will be shiny velvety black hair with amazing texture, black will be the new blonde in 2o13 because it looks fashion forward on every long hair client.

Expect to see blonde girls adding blonde on blonde highlights but in the back of the head, sort of like the 60’s fall wigs.  Darker blonde hair colors are highlighted behind the ear to give a sixties effect to blonde hair, leaving the front darker in blonde tone.

I am excited and have my palette ready to go, so if you’re in the Beverly Hills area come for a makeover at the Bellezza Salon in the fabulous  Beverly Hilton Hotel.

new ombre




Fall hair color trends: brunette

You can tell alot about a girl by her hair color?

When she’s feeling playful, sexy, confident or if she has a balance between work and play.

Like the gorgeous Kristen Steward of Twilight, the choice of brunette as a haircolor could very well be a clear statement of her W O M A N-hood as a movement. A woman in that definative moment of internal confidence, sex appeal, and control will suddenly be coiffed in chocolate brown hair, laced with subtle hints of copper or gold leaf.

Out of a mere feeling the choice of brunette (brown) haircolor creates a sense of security, balance, an earthy feeling in a woman’s life.

So why does brown hair color create such strong emotion between sexy, expressive, confidence and balance? A report of study by the University of Liege in Belgium, scientist state: “color composition, on emotion brain processing using functional magnetic resonance imaging. The results of their study, published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, show that the colour of light influences the way the brain processes emotional stimuli”

So what does the hair color of a brunette say? Well without a word it instantly gives feelings of stability, structure, wholesomeness, comfort, and when you add a little warmth, often noted by haircolorist in terms of caramel, honey etc., it can become all of the above with a big hint of sexy. Gravitate towards the “natural” or cool shades of brown, uh oh, watch out because you may become as distant as the moon. Too much structure in a girl can make her unapproachable.

So when you choose Brunette haircolor there is a reason or let’s say now you have a reason. when thinking about Chocolate or Brunette color for your next appointment try discussing with your colorist your lifestyle and the message you want to wear! and remember even when you are not speaking, your hair says it all.