Fall hair trends 2012

While most hairstylist look to the runways for inspiration, the greatest hair trends for this fall were seen at the news stands in fashion magazines. From color to cut, editorial hairstylist created some pretty inspiring looks for fall. Elle magazine’s august issue featuring Katy Holmes on the cover was most noteworthy in dishing out wearable hair trends for fall.

Many of the most desirable looks could be seen on celebrities like Michelle Williams in a priceless pixie cut, Cameron Diaz sporting a dazzling blonde-bob, Zooey Deschanel’s full bangs. But there was an endless array of hair inspiration in ads featuring Max Mara and Deletter’s fall jewelry collection.

Short hair and Mid-Lenth haircuts definitely make their way back to the palette this fall accompanied by the strong color influence of the ombre.

And girls don’t worry about cutting your hair then trying to adapt it to a more elegant style. Kevin Ryan for RSession Tools photo shoot gives us a flawless idea on how to make short hair full and glamours in the August issue of Elle.

Vogue left no imagination to fall hair trends in it’s August issue, featuring a beautiful brunette, Marion Cotillard of the Dark Knight Rises on it’s cover.
Beautiful shades of brown hair glazed with buttery mid tones will have girls trending the ombre color technique.

The Ombre color technique is such a great way to color hair and not worry about the upkeep of lighter strands.

Prada’s ad tho was off the hook with color placement in the August issue of Vogue with blonde accompanied by reds and black hair colors, the dark contrast is tastefully done and sets off a hair buzz.

Braids,waves, and curls are still holding on but this fall they are replicating a more glazed and wet look which is definitely more youthful and exciting. But C’mon waves was cloned entirely too much this year, so it was refreshing to see some exciting, fresh, and wearable hair trends for this fall.

Check out the August issues of Elle and Vogue for hot celeb hair trends.
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