42: hair the movie

Jackie Robinson swinging a bat in Dodgers unif...

Jackie Robinson swinging a bat in Dodgers uniform, 1954. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


When I initially went strolling up to the Grove from my house to see this picture, after shopping for hair products, I was afraid because I didn’t want this to be another film that would stir up more racial tension in my soul.  I was almost in tears as I walked in, but once this movie started it was far from the documentary of a ‘negro  and the ‘way things were’ in the south which most of us will try to avoid to move forward.


This movie was from every angle was far from just a story about racism and someone who played baseball.  It was a movie about  love, dreams, inclusion, and a people born on different sides of the fence who couldn’t really understand why the fence was there in the first place.


Not only did you get to experience story of  Jackie Robinson a baseball legend but you get to see the story of an inspiring wife, a coach redeemed, a reporter with integrity, and a variety of teammates, from various state, who struggled with what they felt to be right and what they feared would happen if they went against what was popular at that time.


Even when heard the word ‘nigger, nigger’ repeated several times as an audience member it was as if you were challenged with the question of ‘what would you do?’.   You could literally feel the teeth clinching in every person white, black and other in the audience.


I was sitting alone, black and in solitude, but towards the end I notice a white women in my peripheral vision rise out of her chair and come down to sit closer to me.  Then the entire audience began to clap several times in gesture of approval and gut wrenching awe. And with out a word we all left that movie full, and proud to be an American, no matter what color we were our spirits were intertwined.


So I know this blog wasn’t about hair, because when I write about hair and fashion it is usually about one who inspires in spirit and comes forth in the expression of outer garment and hair. And since the most noteworthy blogs in fashion are about a person to push a product or trashing a person, let’s just say I can’t sell my soul to fuel oblivion of what really matters in life, INSPIRATION and LOVE.


I can’t write reviews just to prove how accomplished I am, because there literally is no joy in that, nor can I celebrate the beauty of some that are not so beautiful in spirit and truth.  So I will leave that blogging to others and I am going to stay the course like Jackie Robinson even if it goes against ‘the way things are’.


Unbiased, selfless, but inspirational reviews here.  Always inspiring and never trashing others!


You have to SEE this MOVIE!





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