Soul Train Music Awards: who had the hottest hair

The 2012 Soul Train Music Awards was the much-anticipated award show hosted by BET of 2012.  The show brought some of the most talented black stars to the red carpet in Vegas. This year was not only an award show but also a celebration of the African-American music

Soul Train

Soul Train (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

in the history of Soul Train, and a tribute to the man we will all miss, Don Cornelius.

I did not get to watch the show until after it aired via BET’s website, as I usually do for all award shows. This show touched the lives of so many people and became the center of African-American Performance Practices in a time where few were seen or heard in television.  It was a celebration of life, and allowed African-Americans to just BE and express themselves.

So when I viewed the red carpet looks, I kinda kept in mind what this show was about and who brought an all encompassed  look reflective of  Soul Train style.

My 1st look of course goes to chairman Debra L. Lee, Esq, for kicking it off with a short curly coiffed natural look in black jacket and pants.

Reminiscent of the celebration of Soul Train where the Afro was synonymous with disco pants, and girls came ready to dance.

Whether this was planned or not it definitely was red carpet ready for the 2012 Soul Train Awards.

2nd Rapper Lil Mama gave it the red carpet the respect it deserves with a stunning up do and black gown that made her stand tall in presence as she strutted her stuff for the show.

3rd look for all-encompassing hair was artist Miguel.  His look captures the essence of the history African-American male artist, like Nat King Cole, fats Wallace and so many others.  It was strong in light of an era where masculinity in a look for African-American men is baggy pants or just a suit.  This look brought style and pizzazz (is that still a word). Applaud!

While the carpet was filled with runway divas, these are my favorite hair looks that encompassed history, the history of African Americans in music.  Refreshing, daring, and defying stereo-types.

My only wish was that more of the celebs would have shed their weaves for an Afro, or at least an Afro wig for the carpet.  After all the Soul Train music awards was about celebrating a heritage.


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