AMA’s: hottest celeb hair


156482967KI00048_The_40th_A (Photo credit: ChristinaAguileraChina)


The 2012 American Music Awards was a stellar event of music, fashion and hair of course.


For me, watching the stars strut their stuff on the red carpet is always a moment of excitement, and hair anticipation.


Personally I look for hair that synonymously ties  a look to a designer gown. All coming together, hair, makeup and garments, to marry the personality of our star power.


My favorite hair looks for the 2012  AMA’s were:


1. Mrs. Christina Aguilar.  What a Lotus, a brand, and a iconic image of hair beauty.  Trading in her lioness mane of curls for a moment on the runway with a sleek, perfectly toned blonde bob.  Wig or not this look was stellar! I must replicate.


Ginnifer Goodwin steals the show as usual in a sea of donned blonde Celebs.  I don’t know about you, but this girl has my vote for originality and individuality of style  when it comes to hair.


It’s liberating when you see a women opt out the norm,  for a classic ultra cheek short cut.  Her defining short hair reminds me of the moment  Twiggy touched our hearts with her iconic short hair.  It just works,  and like Twiggy I am sure Ginnifer Goodwin’s look will be timeless.


3rd. on my list is singer, Brandy, what a magnificent way to bring it to the runway for the AMA’s. There are not too many bronze goddess that have strolled the carpet and held their own in the hair department since Halle Berry.


I love this look, it gives me chills as it lives up to the old Hollywood Glam our.   Simple, yet seamless hair beauty!


Last but not least for my favorite hair looks was Legend Cyndi Lauper.


Cyndi always proves “time after time” that hair is a statement of individuality.


And when you think of Cyndi Lauper there is  fun, fem, soft, subtle and evolving, and her hair has always reflected her presonality without being dated.  For the 2012 American Music Awards Cyndi sported  a heavy textured blonde bob with  asymmetrical fringes, and a  hint of pastel berry that gave her blonde hair a new look.


Then there was a sea of Blonde, Blonde, Blonde, 1 or 2 more  Brunettes, and then more blonde! and that’s all folks. With everyone looking, amazing!


When choosing the latest hair trends remember “if art was a reason to convey a message, then in every hairstyle there is a message”~mario gross.


Hair is just as important as the gown. What were your favorite hair looks?


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