Celebrity Hair Trends: the best hair may not have been on the runway

While fashion week donned awesome fashion for 2013, the best hair inspiration might have been in your local mall window.

From New York to Milan, Fashion week is the ultimate in innovation and inspiration in fashion. 2013 calls for Organic patterns trended in texture, berry essences of color, and strength in structure and accessories.

I was so inspired by H&M hair ads! They give hair inspiration for 2013, and might have left the runway girls feeling like their missing something.

“If art was a cause to convey a message, then in every hair style there is a message”..mario gross.

Not only did they put out some of the most affordable clothing fashion on the racks, they complete the hair with awesome, refreshing and innovative hair trends.

Full, earthy, organic, textured ponytails, playful and young hair styles that girls will love trying to recreate, and the hair accessories are unbelievably fun, playful and fashion forward.

They definitely realize that no outfit is complete without the hair.

Along with H&M, Adele, Denzel Washington, David Beckham, Rihanna, Ginnifer Goodwin, Alicia Keys are just a few celebs that dawned a new era in hair with awesome hair trends.

Hair is definitely the new makeup for 2013 Here are some of my hair trend wishes for 2013:.






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