Hit or Miss: celeb new hair

Miiley Cyrus, Rihanna, and Katy Perry are some of the celebs who made a big hair change this fall, for the better or the worst?

Gotta love Katy Perry’s hair on the cover of September’s issue of Elle. If purple and violet are synonmous with magic and mystery then it’s a hit with Katy new look. Stunning shape to her hair and the color brings out her skin while the bangs definately attract you to her gorgeous eyes. We love this look, but Katy always keeps it hairtabulous in the hair color department. The amazing thing is she pulls off these awesomely vibrant colors with class and never tacky.

How did I miss Harper’s Bazaar in August with Rihanna gracing the cover. Rihanna looks stunning in Navy Blue mid-length hair. If these colors are a sign of spiritual journey, this is definately the color for her. They say you can tell alot about a girls look and this definately says ‘a change is ah comin’. She still keeps her hair fresh with one side being simply shaved. This color is definately more complimenting than the red, the red just didn’t look healthy at times. Hair color without maximum shine and optimal health is never a good look for anyone!

and last but not least, by far, Miley Cyrus chopped off all her hair for and took on a new look with blonde short hair. Definately refreshing and new as she evolves into a new chapter in life. The blonde hair color is ok, but it definately merges into her skin, which may require a lit more product to make it stand out. Although the cut is hott to def I opt for a different shade of color to compliment her skin, maybe pink or plum in pastel would be awesome. Gotta love her for giving us the short but fierce hair persona.

Love, love, love these girls for inspiring us with their hair and showing us how to take hair-color and shape to a whole new level this Fall. Fashion starts with great hair and if your hair, besides it’s the only outfit you can’t take off.





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