Clothes or Hair: which is more important

Long been debated by every girl is whether to buy that new outfit or get your hair done. Clothes or hair, can’t decide?

Sometimes you may even try to short change your hair stylist to get both. Sad thing is some hair stylist may even let you get away with it!

Here is a thought process you might wanna change because it’s about value. What do you value 1st, clothes or hair? Truth is, no out fit is gonna make you look your best if your hair is a mess!

I was recently sipping on some coffee at Starbucks and people watching as usual, because West Hollywood is so fabulous, and I couldn’t help but notice this girl who was fab’ed out in garments but her hair was destroyed. I knew this was a ‘home hair do’. How?, well because it was fried blonde (barely hanging on for dear life), and the cut had no harmony, rhyme or reason.

The bad thing was, she was making a statement, as every girl does, whether they will admit it or not. She clearly put an exclamation mark on her head, and despite her outfit, her overall statement clearly said “Not all there”.

I know, you’re thinking I noticed because I am a hair stylist, far from the truth. At this stage of hair game I wanna close my eyes while walking!

Girls, I am a guy, and like most guys we notice everything about you! So Honestly hair makes a big statement to guys, gals, and the world.

Don’t leave the house without ensuring your hair is on point, or your going to draw the messy response from people you come in contact with, and all because you neglected your hair.



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