Curly Hair: Moisture, how to maintain.

If you have curly, frizzy, or dry hair, I am sure you have gone through a cycle of curly hair products, trying to find the right balance of between moisture and shine.

There are many great curly hair products on the market but you may not have gotten the same results as the girl on the bottle. Oops!

Every head of hair is as unique as every person on the planet, therefore It would be difficult to sum up one product solution for every curl type.

Product promise and lack of guarantee in performance is the major reason why curly hair consumers get so frustrated with trying to find the right curl products.

What may have worked for one may not work for you. Every curl is different, in fact there may be more than one curl pattern curly head.

So how do you select the right product for your curly hair, and leave the store amazingly happy with your choice?

Don’t go on a scavenger hunt for beauty products with out knowing what your hair needs. Although you were born with that curl, you may not know everything about your curly hair structure.

Erasing the myths about curly hair may help in some regards to choosing a product on your own but I do encourage getting a professional consultation.

Why is this necessary? well you were born with a heart but you wouldn’t assume the position of a cardiologist, would you? hmm. Wait, don’t answer that!

Beauty product on shelves can’t communicate with you or understand your specific hair type, and since because your curly hair was uniquely designed for you, it would be impossible for a product to guarantee anything other than a try me and a return policy. Consultations are awesome and guaranteed way to talk with a professional get the tools that will guarantee the right product for your curly hair. Consultations usually run about $25 to $75 dollars, some salons may offer free consultations. There is usually no commitment. They can analyze your curl pattern and really help test curl products before purchasing. Be sure to find a salon and a stylist you can trust! Some may try to sell you the product that’s lacking in sales for the choose your salons wisely. You can usually tell a stylist that cares about your hair needs just like you can with medical professionals.

Erasing the curl myths prior to making a product selection, may give you more free range in choosing curly hair products for your hair.

1. Hair moisture and softness cannot be seen by the eye it can only be felt. Don’t mistaken the appearance of your curly hair in determining the over all dryness of your hair. Curly hair deflects light, it may not appear as shiny in comparison to straight hair. In this case a color gloss (non-permanent color) will deepen the shine and quickly add luster to the curl.

2. Petroleum or heavy oil based products are not curly hair solutions to moisture, and may not be the lasting solution to dry or damaged curly hair. The results are purely cosmetic and will only last from shampoo to shampoo. They will coat the hair, and make the hair more manageable, but they often weigh the hair down, and increase dust retention from the environment. Treatments for curly hair are the long term solution to moisture and manageability.

3.Texturizing or Relaxing curly hair to make it more manageable or soft is an option, but relaxers are sodium hydroxide based (or alias) and are not softening but hardening agents. It is not always the best solution for curl re-texturizing, an alternative option can be an acidic wave assist in re-texturize or loosen curl. The results will often be less abrasive and give you more control over maintaining your curl integrity.

Last but not least, cleansing your curly hair with the wrong type of shampoo and conditioner can be similar to throwing a persian or wool rug into the wash machine with astringent. By not choosing the right shampoo and conditioner you may be adding to the dry, matted feeling of your hair.
Sounds familiar?

The best advice I can give is to treat your curly hair with the uniqueness it deserves and get a professional consultation prior to choosing any hair product.


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